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Project Management

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Successful Project Management requires the wisdom, industry specific knowledge
energy, pride in accomplishment and tenacity of a proven project manager to manage overall project risk and to collaborate effectively with your team.

RJE TELECOM has established a solid reputation as a leader in providing reliable and timely project management services. This reputation is reflected across a wide range of categories including technical expertise, the ability to deliver quality products and services on-time and under budget, and to communicate effectively with customers and subcontractors.

RJE TELECOM is dedicated to leveraging our vast resources and expertise to provide our clients with the most appropriate solutions to their needs. As an experienced provider of project management services, using state of the art software like Microsoft Project, client specific databases, and Microsoft Share Point, we will deliver the following benefits to your company;

  • Meeting all project milestones on-time, within budget 
  • Adherence to Quality Production Standards
  • Controlled Project Scope and Conceptual Design
  • Providing Efficient Utilization of all Resources
  • Effective Use of Project Management and Tracking Tools
  • Maintaining a Telecommunications-Focused approach
  • Application of  Turnkey Project Management Knowledge

Our project managers are industry proven and follow the principals of Project Management Professionals.                          

At RJE TELECOM, we not only develop solutions that put infrastructure in the field, but through our turnkey project approach, we minimize the business, construction, and financial risks associated with network deployment. We can help you plan, design, engineer and build, ALL your Telecommunications Systems.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is paramount.
You have our word on it!