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Enterprise Wireless Experts

RJE TELECOM, with an impressive variety of wireless and mobility experts, drawing on proven, individual careers of 15 years or more, has exceptional industry experience across a broad range of technologies including RF and Microwave Engineering.
Additionally, our experts are supported by a strong project management team who provide technical leadership to ensure your project completes safely, on-time, within budget, and exceeds your expectations.

One Vendor! 
Our depth of experience and dependability ensure our customer’s highest satisfaction.
We can help you with the following services:

New Site Construction: 
  • Microwave Survey Analysis & Engineering
  • Electrical Surveys, Power Supply Engineering
  • Network Backbone Applications and Co-ordination
  • Site Engineering
  • Civil Construction - All Phases
  • Rooftop Design and Installation
  • In-Building Cell Site Installations
  • Partnered Tower Erection Services
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management

Grounding Surveys:
  • Inside/Outside Equipment Grounding
  • Single Point Grounding Audits 
  • Design Change Recommendations
  • Structural Lightning Protection

Site Development:
  • Site Acquisition 
  • Phase 1 Environmental Assessments  
  • Zoning / Permitting Applications and Co-ordination
  • FAA Certification 
Existing Site Maintenance:   
  • Upgrades and Modifications  
  • Site Inspection / Site Inventory
  • Battery Installation & Disposal
  • Tower Mapping & Inspection
  • RF Coverage Assessments 
  • Emergency Power Solutions 
  • De-Installation Services
  • Guy Anchor Tower Corrosion Analysis & Control 
Additional Services:
  • Database Engineering
  • MTSO Switching
  • Operations Maintenance Support
  • Preventative Maintenance

When you need cell site maintenance, call us first.  Whether you need equipment site inventories, grounding audits or turf maintenance services, we have the experience and personnel to meet your needs.  We can generate electronic inventory files to upload to your server, saving you time and money.

We also provide feasibility studies, spectrum analysis, permit and lease acquisi­tions for ground based and rooftop cell-site designs. Our support team includes CAD operators that can create topographical maps layered with GPS/AM/FM/GIS or GSM information. Our Enterprise Wireless division has the experience to work with many types of signaling, transmitting, transponding or receiving technologies across a wide variety of platforms and vendors.

We are also strategic partners with Design Energy Alliance specializing in design, installation, testing and turn-up of solar panels tied directly into your DC voltage systems. DEA will search, process, and file for SREC’s (solar renewable energy credits) offsetting the cost of new installations.

Technical Expertise:
We have installed, upgraded, and maintained the following brands:
  • Adtran
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Calix
  • Cisco
  • Ericsson
  • Hughes
  • Marconi
  • Motorola
  • Nokia Siemens
  • Nortel
  • Sonus Networks
  • Scientific Atlanta
  • Tellabs
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